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Hal L.
Dr. Hwa A. Lim (Hal) is an internationally renowned scientist-turned entrepreneur, who happens to love to dance, both socially and competitively. He competes more that he can afford, time-wise.
Hal is a very accomplished dancer. With his partner, Hal has won Amateur World Hustle Championships (New Orleans (2007), San Jose (2008), 2009 (San Jose), 2010 (Miami)); and in 2011, they won the Pro-Rising Star Championships in Orlando. In addition to multi-dance championships, he, a certified professional dance instructor, has won more than sixty first places in Latin and smooth dances.
Hal is certified (with Honors) to teach the Hustle by IHDA and DVIDA.
On a completely different front, Hal is an internationally respected authority on bioinformatics and biotechnology, active in both the academic and the private sectors. He has been senior executive, and is on board of a few companies; Program Director and tenured state-line faculty member at Florida State University. He is recognized as the "Father of Bioinformatics".
His career started with a brief stint at the Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, New York, and later bioinformatics expert for the United Nations, and review panelist for the U.S. National Science Foundation and U.S. National Cancer Institute.
Hal is well-published, with over 150 peer-reviewed papers and 15 books.

Videos of Car n Hal teaching


Carmelita C.
Carmelita is a well-known Kingstone best-selling novelist. She started dancing about 7 years ago. Among her stellar rise and accomplishments in the dance world are:
- Big Easy Dance Classic, New Orleans, Louisiana, Nov 29-Dec 2, 2007
   Amateur Open Hustle Championships, Champions;
- International Hustle & Salsa Competition, Miami, Florida, May 1-4, 2008
   Amateur World Hustle Championships, Runners-up;
- Grand Pacific Dance Championship, San Jose, California, Aug 14-17, 2008
   Amateur Open Hustle Championships, Champions;
- International Hustle & Salsa Competition, Miami, Florida, April 30-May 3, 2009
   Amateur World Hustle Championships, Runners-up;
- Grand Pacific Dance Championships, San Jose, California, Aug 20-23, 2009
   Amateur Theatrical Hustle, Champions;
- Pacific Grand Ball, Fremont, California, Sept, 2009
   Amateur Showcase, First Place;
- International Hustle & Salsa Competition, Miami, Florida, April 29-May 2, 2010
   Amateur World Hustle Championships, Champions;
- International Hustle & Salsa Competition, Orlando, Florida, March 31-April 3, 2011
   Pro-Rising Star Hustle Championships, Champions;
- Other placements in smooth and Latin dances.
As a professional, Carmelita has also won pro-ams at major competitions with students.

Videos of Car n Hal performing, teaching


Guest Coaches

Billy F. and Katie M.
Billy and Katie are considered to be one of the finest exhibition style dance couples in the world.
They have been featured on the covers of leading Dance Publications as well as being the subjects for numerous television features.
Their unique ability to offer awe-inspiring performances in a wide variety of dance styles has kept this well-respected team in demand as performers, lecturers, and entertainment producers throughout the world.
Currently they are regular invited guest artists and celebrity judges at numerous dance competitions around the globe.

Belly Dance

Angel T.
President, Afro-Belly Boogie Dance Fitness.
Fitness Manager; Master Trainer, 24-Hour Fitness Fremont Paseo Padre.

Ballroom Faculty

Cindy C.
Trained in ballroom, ballet, and modern, Cindy is an award-winning dancer, competitor, and choreographer of more than 20 years. From 2006-2008, while a chemistry student at UC Berkeley, she won first place in the collegiate competitive ballroom circuits at events such as the Harvard Invitational, Stanford Cardinal Classic, and Berkeley Ballroom Classic, in the International Style Latin Division (Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba, and Jive). Her personal best was winning Harvard Invitational 2007, beating more than 200 couples.
Cindy believes that dance is one of the most engaging, entertaining, and empowering ways to improve physical health, sharpen mental acuity, and build self-confidence.

Ballroom Faculty

Joe C.

Ballroom Faculty

Grace K.
Grace has been dancing for more than 15 years, and has been teaching for the latter third of that duration.
Grace is a competent instructor in most smooth and Latin dances.

Ballroom Faculty

Martin G.
馬霆 (pronounced as Mǎ Tīng or Martin) experienced many forms of dance before developing his current preference for the smooth dances, such as Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Waltz. He loves teaching, and has taught more than 1,000 beginning dancers through the local community colleges.
As a believer in lifelong learning, he will forever be developing his dancing skills and styles, including both the leading and following roles.

Bollywood Faculty

Mona Khan Bollywood Instructors

Bolly Drama Faculty

gDance Team


Arya Dance Academy

Young Talent
Program Faculty

Felicity M.
Felicity M. is a full-time student, dancer and single mother. Felicity performed with San Luis Obispo Ballet and was a member of iLLusion Dance Company. She is trained in belly dancing, ballet, lyrical/contemporary, tap and jazz.
She currently works with the City of Fremont teaching and assisting dance classes with the recreation department. She teaches people from ages two-adults.
Felicity has always loved to work with children and has eleven years of experience with school aged children. She has also volunteered with children with disabilities including autism, Asperger's syndrome, and Down syndrome.
Felicity is also a student of technical theater. She recently became a student worker in the Smith Center¡¯s scene shop, building sets and hanging lights.
Felicity is a registered emergency medical technician. She aspires to be a surgeon and to work with Doctors Without Borders/M¨¦decins Sans Fronti¨¨res.


Young Talent
Program Faculty

Galaxy Dancesports

Dance Faculty

YaoNa and Guo

Vocal Training /
Singing Faculty

Jimmy S.

Arg Tango Faculty

Mathew MaMoody
Mat has been dancing and teaching Argentine Tango for several years following his competitive career in ice dancing and pairs figure skating. He specializes in Exhibition / Performance style of Argentine Tango.
Mat's athleticism includes participation in the US Collegiate Soccer championships at Michigan State University. He later went on to pursue a career in roller and ice dance / pairs figure skating. He was trained by World- renowned Olympic coaches who have produced the likes of Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan. He has also worked with numerous choreographers and Russian National Team ballet instructors and fitness trainers.
Mat presently teaches at a number of ance studios and hosts workshops throughout the United States. Mat has been in a Tango Movie; has performed at many large venues ranging from fashion shows, corporate events, opening ceremonies and has had the pleasure of performing for the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism and Feng Shui Laders: Late Grandmaster Lin Yun and her Holiness Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche.
Mat has compiled "100 Argentine Tango Steps" along with 16 Choreography figures collections from the Argentine Tango Greatest Masters. Matt's training style and technique is influenced by Anton Gazenbeek trained by the Argentine Tango Grand Masters: Antonio Todaro & Raul Bravo who believe in the preservation and conservation of historic tango styles. Mat focuses on their Advanced Tango Figures and Sequences.

Mat is currently training Mia Yamaguchi, 2nd generation tango dancer, whose father is an Argentine Tango Master teaching in the Bay Area. Mia will be assisting Mat during lesson and practice times.
Mia is proficient in other Ballroom dances with her favorite: West Coast Swing.

Arg Tango Faculty

Lisette Perelle
Dancing since the age of 5, Lisette began her training in gymnastics. From there her education continued to Hula, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ballroom, Argentine Tango and Theater. She received her B.A. Degree from Northeastern University in Speech Communications concentrating in Television and Film production with a Minor in Theater. She has worked in the film industry for over 14 years and won Canada's Lotus award for "Producer of the Best PSA Commercial" in 1996.
She danced and performed with the Northeastern Dance Theater Company from 1986-1988, where she did choreography under the direction of Sarah Umberger. She was very involved in theater since childhood where she not only acted, sang and danced, but also choreographed numbers for the musicals, "Ghetto" and "Working". She has since done choreography for a music video for the singer Jenifer Taylor.
She was a member of the Argentine performance company Ballet Pampa Argentina under the direction of Pampa Cortes for 2 years. She starred in 2 tango film shorts, "Burn" and "Tango in the Park" and performed on television for KQED in San Francisco.
Lisette trained in Argentine tango with Julian "Miller" Ramil, Pampa and Valeria Cortes, Fabian Salas, Mariana Flores and Eduardo Cappussi, Julio Balmeceda and Corina de la Rosa, Mariano "Chicho" Framboli, Mariana Dragone, Sabastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Carlos Gavito, El Flaco Danny Garcia, Omar Vega, Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti and many others. She spends extensive time in Buenos Aires each year training as well as teaching.
She has taught tango in the Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and Mendocino. She has also taught in Palm Beach, Florida and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has not only performed in her home state of California, but also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Presently, she is teaching locally in the Bay Area and is currently directing and shooting her own documentary on tango. She is an elegant dancer and patient teacher who concentrates on the techniques necessary for smooth, powerful and beautiful dancing. She works with the whole body focusing on connection, alignment, lines and beautifying steps.

Line Dance Faculty

Martha H.
Martha is a realtor and property manager, and has been teaching line dance for the past 4-5 years in Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area.
In addition to her line dance experience, Martha is also a ballroom dancer in Latin and smooth.

Ethnical Dance Faculty

Butterfly Dance

Ethnical Dance Faculty

Happy Dance

Dancercise Faculty


Zumba Faculty

Lynn F.
Formerly a professional dancer and a national basketball team player for the ASEAN Games in her home country, Lynn F. is now not only Vice President and IT Manager at a bank, she is also a certified Zumba instructor.
Lynn is also Zumba Gold and Zumbatomic certified.
Zumba Gold is for the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Participants get the same elements the Zumba Fitness Party is known for: zesty Latin music, like salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton; the exhilirating, easy-to-follow dance moves; and the invigorating, party-like atmosphere. It's a dance-fitness class that feels friendly, and most of all, fun.
Zumbatomic is designed exclusively for kids (ages 4-12). Zumbatomic classes are rockin', high-energy fitness-parties packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more. Parents love Zumbatomic because of the effects it has on kids, increasing their focus and self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination. What's exciting about this class is that at the end of each class, the kids will perform their newly-learned routine for their parents. It not only reinforces what they have learned from their class, it gives them an arena to perform and feel a sense of personal achievement.

Lynn and assistant Sergio F.

Zumba Faculty

Marie M.
Marie loves teaching Zumba classes, for Zumba is a chance for people to dance freely.
No matter the difficulty level, dancers will workout and not realize it because of the music, people and fun environment. Zumba class is not just a workout but its a party!
Marie's great passion for dance has inspired her to share her love through Zumba. Started in March 2010, Marie became a certified Zumba instructor through Zumba Fitness. Marie has built her experience from the ground up starting with small private group sessions. She expanded her classes to Zumba Gold and regular Zumba classes. No matter where she is and who she teaches, she gives it her all and keeps the Zumba party going!.

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