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Bravo Dance Studio (BDS) - Private Lessons

Rates may vary from instructor to instructor.
Please call to enquire.

Rate for CARnHAL:
1 for $120 ($120/hour)
5 for $500 ($100/hour)
10 for $900 ($90/hour)
20 for $1600 ($80/hour)

Private Instructions

Private instructions are a great way to horn one's dance skills.
Bravo Dance Studio has a huge faculty to cater to all levels and all purpose of dancing.
Please drop by the Studio to talk to a faculty member to find out any great deals, and to design a program to suit your particular purpose.


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Carmelita Bravo Dance Group
!!!Proud Participants of Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show!!!

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show audition.
(Nov 28, 2015)

Fulfill your dreams with
iMusic, and
Bravo Dance Studio.

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