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Bachatango is now becoming very popular internationally. It is a spectacular fusion of Argentine Tango & Bachata, and thus combines elegance and sensuality.


Often classed as a sensual form of modern Bachata, Bachatango is a style of dance that fuses the four-step Dominican Bachata with Argentine Tango moves, which include elaborate kicks, dips, turns, ganchos, leg wraps and long pauses.
The dance is characterized by sensual hip and body movements. Partners hold each other in a closed position, where the follower's inside right thigh is in contact with the leader's inside right thigh, while using hand placements of typical Latin dances.

The basic steps are the same 8 counts as Bachata, except that it produces a side to side motion, while occasionally moving back and forth.
Counts 1, 2 and 3, and 5, 6 and 7, when taken, generate a natural hip sway. Counts 4 and 8 will be used to add Tango styling. Depending on a person's style and expression, these counts are executed with a leg lift, kick, hook, long pause, dip, ganchos, or other personal styling preferences that will add to the sensuality of the dance.


In early 2000s, with the popularization of Bachata music, dancers tapped into the romantic side of Bachata and began finding ways to express their passion.
With the quick propgression of this style, it is now being danced to both Bachata and Tango musics.

CARnHAL, Bachatango.

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CARnHAL, Bachatango.

CARnHAL, Bachatango.

CARnHAL, Bachatango.

CARnHAL, Bachatango, a small routine.

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