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Introducing A Dance:
HUSTLE - Syllabus

Hustle - Syllabus

Hustle Syllabus

The dance syllabus figures are used in two fundamental ways. First, they provide a learning framework for the student. Second, the syllabus is also used to define competition levels.

The syllabus is currently a guideline for compeitiors and is not currently enforced as part of the judging criteria at IHDA sanctioned events. IHDA is striving to utilize these figures in the near future. There will be IHDA workshops for IHDA member instructors on how to teach and breakdown the figures.

Novice Competition Syllabus

No Free Turns greater than (1/2) one half revolution allowed. Competitors may select any combination of steps from this syllabus.

1. Cross Body Lead

2. Throw Out to Open or Release to Open (same step, two acceptable names)

3. Return to Closed

4. Hesitation (basic; not traveling; holding position)
    A. In Open Position
    B. In Closed Position

5. Open to Shadow

6. Shadow to Open
    A. Optional Change of Hands

7. Change of Sides
    A. Opening Out
    B. Sliding Door

8. Wheel (basic; double hand hold; trading sides)
    A. (1/2) One Half-Turn Options
        a. Leader Bridge
        b. Follower Bridge
        c. Leader Inside Turn
        d. Follower Inside Turn

9. Single Left Turn Elements and Variations for Leader or Follower

10. 1 and 1/2 Left Turn Elements (one and one half revolutions left)
    A. Comb
    B. Wrap
    C. Inside Reverse
    D. Inside Single Turn in Closed Position

11. Shadow Elements
    A. Sweetheart
        a. Option: arms high or low
    B. Cuddle
        a. Arm position variations permitted

12. New York Walk with connection maintained

13. Basic Grapevine

Intermediate Competition Syllabus

1. Chasse to Cross Body Lead

2. Swivels and Variations of Such

3. Diva Walk

4. Progressive Circular Basics (ex. T-Turns, Back to Back Turns)

5. Double Outside Turn and All Variations (5 or 6 beats, including Double Illusion Turns, etc.)

6. Double Free Spins to the Left (start on 2)

7. Double Free Spins to the Right (start on 3)

8. Diamonds

9. Wrap Turn Variations

10. 4 Count Right Turns

11. Double Syncopated Elements (ex. Las Vegas)

12. Free New York Walk (release of connection)

Advanced Competition Syllabus

1. Full Cross Body or Telemark (same step, two acceptable names)
    A. In place
    B. Traveling

2. Billy's Waltz

3. Phillip's Fred and Ginger

4. Castle Walks

5. Pretzels (tight turns, change of hands and direction)

6. Traveling Moves

7. Blind Leads (ex. Blind Wrap)

8. Carousel

    A. with connection
    B. without connection

9. Multiple Illusion Turns (more than two; right or left; linear or circular

10. Vega's Crazy Turns

11. Free Spin Variations
    A. Syncopated
    B. Rib Chasers
    C. Hip Catches

12. Pivot Combinations

13. Capes

14. Samba Turns (Timing 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.)

15. Free New York Walk with Rotation for Leader or Follower

16. Pop

17. Snap

18. Horse and Cart Variations

19. Ronde and Battement Elements (Lead and Follow Only)

20. One Leg or Pirouette Variations (rotations left or right)
    A. Wrap or Full Turn
    B. Double Outside
    C. Inside Turns
    D. Leader Options

21. Unassisted Leaps and Jumps (within Hustle Timing)

22. Syncopated Timing Variations

23. Lead/Follow Side by Side Combinations

Source: International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA).

CARnHAL, Hustle.

CARnHAL, Hustle.

CARnHAL, Hustle.

CARnHAL, Hustle.

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