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Night Club 2-Step

This dance, Nightclub 2-Step, was allegedly invented by Buddy Schwimmer, the father of "So You Think You Can Dance" star Benji Schwimmer.

It is a slow, romantic, floaty dance that features rock steps and long glides across the dance floor, done to contemporary and popular ballads (such as "The Lady in Red").


Nightclub 2-Step is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever conceived. It is designed to be used with contemporary soft rock (love song-type of music).

This type of music is common just about everywhere: nightclubs, on the radio , and even in karaoke bars, etc. The rhythm of the dance is very simple and rarely changes from the 1 & 2 count.

This simple romantic dance fills a gap where no other ballroom dance fits. It gives the dancer, either beginning or advanced, the opportunity to express and create without a rigid technique being required. Like all dances, to really master the dance, basic skills are essential.

Buddy Schwimmer, a renowned California dance teacher, created and popularized Nightclub 2-Step.


Nightclub 2-Step is a relatively easy dance that almost anyone can learn. Its key characteristic is a rock step (5th position break) followed by a side step with a slight sway. The frame is relaxed somewhere between a Latin and Ballroom frame – similar to a Bolero frame with a little more distance between the partners.

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CARnHAL, Nightclub 2-Step.

CARnHAL, Nightclub 2-Step.

CARnHAL, Nightclub 2-Step.

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