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Discrimination and complaining about how you were searched When the police can stop and question you A police officer may stop and question you in the street or any public place.

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It also reduces the chance of any later disagreement about what was, or was not, said.

Adult sexual assault

Additionally, if you were assaulted in another country, it is important to report it to the Police in that country as soon as possible. The limit in relation to alcohol in the blood is 50 microgrammes per ml of blood. If they are unable to address the problem, you can ask to Adult want sex Constable to their Supervisor or Commander. This could mean months, years or decades ago.

You can also choose how much information you put in your SARO.


For example, if you have a conviction for adult rape and you live in shared accommodation, the police may inform your housemates of your conviction if they feel that you present a risk. Strip searches shall not be routinely carried out if there is no reason to consider that articles are concealed. If you wish to appeal, vary or discharge your order, it is best to seek legal advice.

A list of other support services can be found here. The search must be carried out by an wwant who is the same sex as you. NSW Police understand that not all people want the incident to be formally investigated, however, police strongly encourage victims and witnesses to report sexual assault.

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If something is found in another orifice, this cannot be removed unless the police have a warrant for an intimate search. In the case of children or young persons, or a person who has a mental illness, personality disorder, autism or a learning disability, the seeking and giving of consent must take place in the presence of a responsible adult. Note that the length of time you may be under notification requirements i.

The reason for providing information about you to others must be based on your risk of sexual harm to the public or to Adult want sex Constable individuals. Complaints about the police and challenging treatment against your human rights You must be Adlut in custody in accordance with the law, your human rights and within police powers.

Refusing to remove the face covering where an officer has ordered you to is an offence for which you can be arrested. The warrant lasts for one month and does not automatically give the police permission dex seize and keep anything they find.

Police stations have disposable shell suits or paper suits to wear, and you may be able to get clothing sent from home. If you are under MAPPA, sed other agencies involved in the assessment of your risk may also be involved in any decision to disclose. There are 18 rights included in the Charter which describe how victims of crime will be treated.

There is a guide to stop and search for young people on the Scottish Government website. When the police can stop and search you There is a code of stop and search in Scotland.

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A strip search can only happen if the police think it is necessary to confiscate an illegal item that you are hiding under your clothes or on your body, such as a weapon. In some circumstances the police will tell the local authority where and when or young person is being taken to court.

Deciding to report to police is a big decision. For further advice about applying to university with a criminal record, please see here.

Detainees shall not normally be required to remove all their clothes at the same time, e. It aims to humiliate and degrade the victim and can occur within marriage and relationships. If you choose to have a lawyer, the police should not start the interview until your lawyer is present, unless a senior officer thinks questioning should start straight away to prevent crime or apprehend a criminal.

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While your conviction is unspentyou must disclose it to any employer, education institution or insurance provider that asks Adult want sex Constable for a criminal record declaration. All information received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and recorded on a secure and restricted NSW Police Force data base Importantly, the submission of a SARO questionnaire is not the same as making a formal report to police and will not automatically result in a criminal investigation being commenced.

You can change your mind and choose to Adult want sex Constable a lawyer at any time. When can the police seize property covered in the warrant and other goods If the police have used a search warrant to search premises or a vehicle and they have found articles covered by the warrant, they have the power to seize them and take them into safe custody, for example, to a police station.

You need to ensure that you provide some context when making your disclosure, explaining the circumstances that led to your conviction, particularly highlighting any mitigating circumstances without letting your mitigation sound like an excuse.

Police recruiting

Being questioned voluntarily as a suspect You might choose to go to the police station voluntarily if the police suspect you of a crime, for Adult want sex Constable because wanr want to clear your name. The Useful Contacts section of this fact sheet outlines a list of other counselling, support and resource centres to assist both adult and child victims. See Antisocial behaviour and Parking tickets issued by the police.

If you have any concerns about this, it is best to speak to your public protection officer. An independent custody visitor who finds something wrong or who receives a complaint will usually try to resolve the problem with the police station's duty inspector but, if it isn't resolved, they will raise it with senior police.

What's the nature of your enquiry?

For example if a local authority has been unable to get access to premises where it believes that there is an adult at risk of harm it can seek a warrant of entry. Police waant that this can be difficult and traumatic, but it is important to tell them everything that you remember that took place. If nothing illegal has been found in the search, and there is no other reason for the police Cnstable detain you, you are free to go.