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You asked if i needed a ride

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WhatsApp If you go out with your nerded but end up without a way to get home, what do you do? You might be able to call jf a cab a taxibut that can be pretty expensive, especially if you live in a busy city and will have to wait in traffic. Your best option is probably to ask one of your friends who drove their car to take you home. Do you know how to ask them politely?

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Putting in a little extra time and effort on your end shows the person that you are taking their time and effort into consideration, and that you value the favor they are doing for you.

The whole city. in the palm of your hand.

This is also a polite way to ask for a ride home. Do you mind stopping there?

Even if they are listening to most boring rive radio station ever, or the air conditioning is freezing your face off. It is appropriate to ask this question if it is, and the use of do you mind is very polite.

Pile in. Perhaps you can pick them up a small gift on your trip, or treat them to dinner when you get back. You might be able to call riide a cab a taxibut that can be pretty expensive, especially if you live in a busy city and will have to wait in traffic. And tackling traffic or hunting for parking is a total pain.

A great way to get them to agree to take you home is to offer your company and to offer some gas money along with it! Perfect for morning commutes and finding the quickest route to your appointment downtown.

Can i ride with you?

Each question is followed by some tips about when you can use them, and situations in which they may not be a good option. If they are giving you a ride somewhere that they may have never been before, make sure you have clear directions, or have the address already plugged into the map function on your smart phone. This is a clever way to ask for a ride oYu. Would you be able to drive me home? Would you mind some company with you on the ride home?

However, askeed it is not, they are more likely to say yes because of the way that you ask the question.

Walk. breeze. scoot. train. share. ride. pile in. turn up.

Could you take me home tonight? You can request a Shared ride for yourself and a friend, and you may stop to pick up and drop off other riders. Chances are that they will reject your offer to pay them for the ride, but it is in good faith to offer to pay for gas money, especially if the ride is long. If you want to sound more formal, you can ask for a lift. This question is more tentative, so it shows that you would not ask for this favor if you had another obvious choice.

Hey, I am looking for a ride home.

If it gets you there, it’s in the app

Can I ask you to do me a major favor? Save time and your sanity The band goes on at 8 sharp. Applies only to base fare and prime time. Transit See nearby ferry, bus, ii train schedules right in the Lyft app, plus directions on how to get to the nearest stop. Of course, there are many ways to ask for a ride home.


This question is best to ask if they are planning on driving alone, but they are the kind of person that enjoys having others around them. Here are a few examples of ways you might make the experience easier for them: If your destination is a place regularly frequented by most people, such as the grocery store, offer to accompany them whenever they are next planning to go, rather than requesting they make a special trip. Our 9 different options suit your needs and mood.

This is casual, and the use of can is more informal and less polite. Turn up. If you want to be extra polite to your potential driver, you can ask them for a major favor. Can I get a ride from you?

Rentals Reserve a rental car for road trips, moving day, and that much-needed weekend escape. Ready to ride? Is there an extra seat in your car for me?

It means that your friend will drive you home, but a lift is usually something that you could call a taxi ride. Your time is your money. If you ased must, ask the driver politely if they'd be willing to change the radio station or turn the air down.

Instead of dealing with the locations of your apartments or houses and where you are now, you can shift the focus to the availability of a spot in the car. If your route or destination changes on trip, your fare may change based on the rates above and other applicable taxes, tolls, charges and adjustments. Lyft Lux A premium experience with Yuo top driver and extra legroom for business, pleasure, or when you need to score brownie points with the in-laws.

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See the question 10 for an example of how to offer some payment. Reserve a ride with up to six so you can bring the whole squad. You askfd combine some of the phrases that make up each of these sentences to ask someone, but if you would rather stick to these, all of them will get your point across!